Sober Curious

The Future of Booze with Jen Batchelor

Episode Summary

Ruby in conversation with Kin Euphorics co-founder Jen Batchelor on how the Sober Curious movement will go on to shape drinking habits in the future ...

Episode Notes

With Kin Euphorics, Jen Batchelor and co-founder Matt Cauble, have created a whole new category in sophisticated, alcohol-free drinking. A visionary in the modern wellness space, in this super insightful conversation, Jen shares her thoughts on the future of booze—and unpacks the wider mission of Kin: to help address the loneliness epidemic that is an all-pervasive hallmark of modern, city life.

After all, most of us drink as a way to connect with others socially—and so removing alcohol can often lead to periods of social isolation as we find new ways to relax and unwind, and new people to socialize with. In this episode, Ruby and Jen also discuss:

-Why talking about the future of booze means talking about the future of mental health

-The neurological reason alcohol makes us more stressed and less creative

-The root of the word "euphoria" as it relates to our wellbeing

-The role of sober curiosity in the gig economy

-Why connecting with each other sober creates true connection and community

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